Appropriately Named Peter: A Eulogy to our Dad

He was appropriately named “Peter” – a rock, a foundation.  And appropriately, he built houses.  He started building with his father and brother in Connecticut after serving in the Coast Guard in World War II.  In 1952 he moved to Pennsylvania and built hundreds of houses in Bethlehem, first with his brother Nando, and then […]

The Trouble with Trichomonas

Trichomoniasis is the most common non-viral STI in the U.S. An estimated 4 to 8 million people already have it and over 1 million new infections are diagnosed every year. Eighty-five per cent of women found to have trichomoniasis report no symptoms. When I was in college, I had a boyfriend I’ll call Buzz. Fun […]

Sexual Networks: Why Minority Groups have more STIs than Whites

I’m writing a book about sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The goal of the book is to decrease the stigma that our culture conveys to people with STIs. I was fearful of adding to this stigma by pointing out that STI rates are significantly higher among minorities than among whites – but it is difficult to […]