The Vulva Owner’s Manual on Birth Control

The Vulva Owner’s Manuals are short books written to assist women and men find concise, helpful information on the reproductive health issues occurring in their lives. The books contain information that may be available online or in the medical literature but online searches can be time-consuming and the findings can result in conflicting advice. The manuals clarify and consolidate the medical information women and men need to make healthy decisions about their bodies. The Vulva Owner’s Manual on Birth Control is the first in the series.

A woman’s requirements for birth control change throughout her lifetime. Cost, effectiveness, control, STI protection, advantages, disadvantages, convenience – there are so many things to consider and all of them are important! It is easy to become overwhelmed. This short book is packed with information to help you find the most effective contraceptive that is right for your lifestyle, your needs, and your body, now.

The book includes:

  • Four simple recommendations that will lead you to contraceptive success
  • The latest information on every form of birth control available to you
  • A checklist to help you consider your priorities
  • Three decision trees that can narrow down your search


  • A personal worksheet that helps you find your best options
  • Details about emergency contraception that every woman should know
Download a free Birth Control Method worksheet from the book:

Endorsement: “Birth control is constantly evolving with new methods, but it isn’t always easy to find out what might work best. Fortunately, The Vulva Owner’s Manual on Birth Control by Dr. Kristine Shields makes this simpler. Using relatable examples of people searching for the right contraception, Dr. Shields equips readers with reliable resources and questions to ask of your health care provider. It’s time information on birth control options was available everywhere – and that’s what this handy guide provides.“ – Cecil Richards, former president of Planned Parenthood

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to

Sister Song – Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective and Planned Parenthood.