Every Abortion a Failure, None a Crime

Roe v. Wade was wise, rational, and empathetic. Instead of the mean-spirited, judgmental, and controlling legislation that is ready to pounce in some states, I am hopeful that the other states, where children’s well-being is nurtured, can continue to be compassionate, rational, and less freaky about women’s sexuality.


Had medication abortion been available in 1994, she might still be alive. Today there are safe and effective medications to induce abortion.

Sexual Networks: Why Minority Groups have more STIs than Whites

I’m writing a book about sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The goal of the book is to decrease the stigma that our culture conveys to people with STIs. I was fearful of adding to this stigma by pointing out that STI rates are significantly higher among minorities than among whites – but it is difficult to […]