Dispensable Women: 24 Dead and Ageism was the Murder Weapon

The killer allegedly committed his first known murder on April 7, 2016 in an upscale retirement home in Dallas called Edgemere. The victim was a healthy 87-year-old retired physician. She was found dead fully dressed, lying on her bed. On May 14th, a bridge-club-hosting 92-year-young resident was found dead on her bed. On June 5th, […]

Every Abortion a Failure, None a Crime

Roe v. Wade was wise, rational, and empathetic. Instead of the mean-spirited, judgmental, and controlling legislation that is ready to pounce in some states, I am hopeful that the other states, where children’s well-being is nurtured, can continue to be compassionate, rational, and less freaky about women’s sexuality.