Had medication abortion been available in 1994, she might still be alive. Today there are safe and effective medications to induce abortion.

Flora: A Poem

Confident child.I carried the little budjust below my breastbonein that unguarded ganglia of nerves. Thenyour filthy handsbelow my collarbonescaused such desiccation.There is no rejuvenation ofdead buds or dead nerves.Dry leaves stuck in my throatsuffocating poetry, intimacy, and kinship. And soI lay my healing hands onclavicle and symphysis and sacrumto succor buds in other girlsin vindication […]

The Secret Life of Dr. James Barry:

The Physician, Military Officer, and Public Health Advocate who was Born a Woman and Lived as a Man. One of the most forward-thinking public health professionals in the pantheon of British physicians is a man who is rarely mentioned. Some think he should be nominated for the title “The Father of Public Health,” while others […]